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The past year has shown us that everything is temporary in a big way.

You, like me, may have lost a job and never want to be in that position again. Perhaps you’ve been thinking for a while about going solo. But until now, the urge wasn’t strong enough.

But things have changed — you feel that it’s time.

Find your deep “why” before investing time and money

Many of us (myself included) tend to jump into things with the wrong mindset.

To build a business that’ll support you and your family is a noble effort. It’s worth looking beyond the potential monetary gain. Doing so allows you to…

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Years ago I caught a bad case of strep throat.

I never had it before so the first few days were confusing. Usually, my sore throats turned into colds. Instead, this one got worse until it felt like I was swallowing nails. It was a rough week of lying on the couch in severe pain. I didn’t take antibiotics so my symptoms lasted longer.

It was worth the pain because after that I didn’t get strep again for a long time.

1. Speak your truth even if it’s in the mirror

Fast-forward a few years later I started to experience flare-ups.

This time I had a demanding job in NYC…

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Not too terribly long ago I found myself on a plane headed for Mexico.

It was originally a two-week vacation that now has turned into a long-term stay. This was a shock, to say the least. I had no intention of moving from Brooklyn. In fact, for the last 10 years, the thought of moving to another country never crossed my mind. Did I want to travel and live in different places short term? Yes. But a long-term stay seemed unnecessary. Yet, here I am living in another country.

Here are four insights that life here in Mexico has given…

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In September of last year, I started learning Spanish.

At first, it was on a whim. I was bored and depressed from the lockdowns and wanted a new challenge. Before the pandemic, I was a server for 10 years. During that time I met many Spanish-speaking people. I grew to enjoy the sounds of the language. Also, it seemed like a lot of fun to speak — something that you usually don’t think about with English.

On top of that, I lived in a Latino community in Brooklyn so real-world practice was possible.

At first, learning Spanish was sunshine and roses

Like with many new endeavors, the beginning…

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In 2012 intermittent fasting exploded in popularity.

Interest in fasting peaked in 2019. But, as you read this post, thousands of people worldwide are deciding to start a fasting protocol. While there are many reasons for this, the biggest reason is the benefit of weight loss.

Now, we’ll explore why fasting is good for weight loss along with 11 other compelling reasons.

1. You won’t have to worry about yearly weight gain

Since the late 1980’s the average American now weighs 15 pounds more.

This is not because Americans are getting taller. An average American male stands at 5’9. Unfortunately, other factors have contributed to this rising epidemic. Which includes:

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Your root chakra is the most primal energy center in the body.

It’s located at the base of your spine (coccyx) and groin area. The color red is used for this chakra. The root chakra is associated with safety, survival, and instinct. At some point and time, most of us have suffered an imbalance in this area.

Here are 4 warning signs that’ll tell you if there’s an imbalance.

1. You suffer from dysfunction in familial relationships

If you experience a lack of communication or are unable to be open about all facets of your life to your parents, you may suffer from a root chakra imbalance.


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Not long ago I sat in a small room with little hope.

Even before the pandemic, it felt like I was on my last leg. 10+ years of working in the restaurant industry took its toll. NYC was a never-ending merry-go-round of making money, barely surviving. Something had to give- and wow, it really did.

Here’s what I learned.

Stand your ground when reality shifts

You create reality whether you believe this or not.

As a collective, we also create a more general agreed-upon reality. When most of the world shut down last year, it was a sign that we all wanted more, a better life…

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Years ago I shoveled up horse manure, dumped concrete in a truck for a basement waterproofer, and took people on guided horseback rides.

That was because at 13 my Dad said, “Find something to do.” So I rode my bike to a nearby barn and offered my services. Being homeschooled, I wasn’t locked in a classroom all day. I had the freedom to do my school work in the morning (around four hours) and then go to work.

This lifestyle was unimaginable for my peers, but for me, it was the norm.

Old self-identities keep you stuck

For 20+ years I was an employee.


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No baby is born feeling shame when they enter this realm.

Yes, babies laugh, cry, and are completely dependent on their external world but they don’t feel shame. Quickly this changes. By the time a child is three or four, they would have been made to feel shameful about something. At age of reason (around seven years), most children are imprinted with shame about who they are.

This is usually unintentional, but in adulthood, healing is necessary in order to live a life of love.

Go into the past and heal events that have wounded you

Right now I’m in a year-long mastermind.

One of the topics that keep coming up…

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Years ago when my entrepreneurial journey first started I remember reading Tim Ferris’s material on dreamlining.

Basically, the idea was to set lifestyle and income goals 6 months in advance. This way you’re motivated with clear parameters on how to go about achieving those goals. Needless to say, this exercise didn’t work for me. My goals were too intense for the stage I was in. In a few months, the exercise was completely abandoned.

After that failure, many other attempts were made to get a clear direction on how I wanted to design my life but nothing stuck.

Enter the 6-month review

Over 8…

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