Treat yourself in an unindulgent way.

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Years ago I shoveled up horse manure, dumped concrete in a truck for a basement waterproofer, and took people on guided horseback rides.

That was because at 13 my Dad said, “Find something to do.” So I rode my bike to a nearby barn and offered my services. Being homeschooled, I wasn’t locked in a classroom all day. I had the freedom to do my school work in the morning (around four hours) and then go to work.

This lifestyle was unimaginable for my peers, but for me, it was the norm.

Old self-identities keep you stuck

For 20+ years I was an employee.


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No baby is born feeling shame when they enter this realm.

Yes, babies laugh, cry, and are completely dependent on their external world but they don’t feel shame. Quickly this changes. By the time a child is three or four, they would have been made to feel shameful about something. At age of reason (around seven years), most children are imprinted with shame about who they are.

This is usually unintentional, but in adulthood, healing is necessary in order to live a life of love.

Go into the past and heal events that have wounded you

Right now I’m in a year-long mastermind.

One of the topics that keep coming up…

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Years ago when my entrepreneurial journey first started I remember reading Tim Ferris’s material on dreamlining.

Basically, the idea was to set lifestyle and income goals 6 months in advance. This way you’re motivated with clear parameters on how to go about achieving those goals. Needless to say, this exercise didn’t work for me. My goals were too intense for the stage I was in. In a few months, the exercise was completely abandoned.

After that failure, many other attempts were made to get a clear direction on how I wanted to design my life but nothing stuck.

Enter the 6-month review

Over 8…

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As I stood still others around me seemed to play the game of life with ease.

They graduated from college, got good jobs, married, and started families. It felt like the entire world was moving on. For years I remained stuck in dead-end jobs at restaurants, never dated, and couldn’t seem to manifest financial abundance no matter what I did. Life didn’t work for me.

Perhaps you can relate.

1. Embrace letting go

Spiritual awakening means that we have to let go of old ideas about life and how the world should be.

Awakening allows us to discover that reality is not created by…

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A few months ago my world changed.

One moment I was a lifelong New Yorker, the next a digital nomad.

None of this was planned. Yes, I wanted to travel, explore the world, but I thought NYC would always be my home. For 10 years I lived there. Struggle and perseverance was the theme. Work was always a bear. The managers at the restaurants where I worked were mostly toxic. My sensitivity increased as the years wore on, mainly due to my ongoing spiritual development.

Then the lockdowns happened.

My world along with everyone else’s was turned upside down. I…

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“Kids learn languages faster than adults.”

This is probably something you’ve probably heard for a long time. But actually, it’s a complete myth. Research shows that adults can go from no knowledge of their target language (TL) to conversational within a year. Think about it, adults know basic grammar, have a broader knowledge base for context, and a decent attention span.

For your own journey towards near-native fluency, this is a massive benefit.

1. Develop a plan for rapid progression

Despite the advantages you have as an adult learner, a plan must be made in order for you to progress at a steady pace.

About six months…

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I never wanted this moment to end.

After a relaxing day at the beach, I was biking back to my Airbnb. The warm breeze caressed my face despite the fact it being November. My two-week vacation in Mexico boosted my quality of life so much that I canceled my flight back.

But, I didn’t have the slightest clue of what I was getting myself into.

1. Not being in your home country gets to you after a while

Before my “vacation” in Tulum, Mexico I had no intentions of leaving NYC.

It was a place that I called home for 10 years. But since the lockdowns which started in March 2020, the city…

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The recent global events have caused many of us to go back to old patterns of disordered eating.

Now it’s time to dig deep and figure out how to stop cravings and binge eating disorder (BED). Stress and isolation are the main culprits. But all is not lost. You can start the journey to overcome BED today. And know you’re not alone in this struggle.

More than 2.8 million people suffer from BED in America. It’s the most common eating disorder affecting both women (3.5%) and men (2%).

Take Note of What You Eat the Night Before

Disorder eating is a vicious cycle.

Once you get on the hamster…

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You feel at a loss that you’ll never look or feel good again.

But this isn’t true. You have a long happy life ahead of you. In fact, the life expectancy for women in America is 81.1 years. So you have 30+ years of life left here on Earth. The last thing you what to do is struggle with weight during some of the best years of your life.

Here are four reasons why you can’t lose weight during menopause and what to do about it.

1. You’re Consuming Foods That Are Heavily Processed

A lot of us are unaware of the number of calories that we consume…

You’re not going backwards despite how you may feel.

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Then my world crashed down around me.

I sat on my bed sobbing deeply. Waves of emotion overwhelmed my body. The meditation that I was listening to started to unlock deep pain.

This was a stark contrast to the beginning of my awakening when everything was so bright. Back then my depression had lifted, I felt that I could take on the world.

Now in a dark room, while the sun blazed outside, suicide ideation floated around in my head.

1. Everything Is Temporary Whether It Feels Like It or Not

Through startling lows and soaring highs, I’ve learned that all life’s experiences are temporary.

We came here to learn lessons…

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